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Anek – An Intense Socio-Political Movie

Anek review
May 28, 2022 0 Comments

Anek – Ayushmann Khurrana Socio-Political Movie

Anek is an intense socio-political movie that portrays the serious insurgency problem faced in a couple of ‘the Seven Sister States of India’. However, the movie failed to impress the audience. Yes, you heard it right! Ayushmann Khurrana who had always managed to give content-driven performances goes awry this time in Anek.


Directed by Anubhav Sinha, Anek has proven to be a chaotic and intense action thriller where Ayushmann is playing the role of an undercover cop Joshua. There are separatist gangs against whom Joshua is fighting in Northeast India to eradicate the insurgency problem.

And there is a fresh cast Andrea Kevichüsa who is acting as a competent boxer Aida, who is rejected for years by the locals due to her personality attire which doesn’t match the culture of northeast India.

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The subject of the movie is great, a patriotic theme, indeed a great topic to display, and why not because Ayushmann always manages to give content-oriented performances but unfortunately Anek loses its essence due to the screenplay which is so slow and therefore boring enough to make you sleep. Also, Anek lacks anything intriguing like any kind of romance or fun but is harsh and realistic.

While talking about the performances, Ayushmann has given some neat moves while doing the action stunts and they appear very real but nonetheless, his demeanor remains constant throughout. 

The newcomer Andrea couldn’t please the audience because of the language barrier that acted as a strong impediment to understanding her role to the common people and I can say, it was, unfortunately, a miserable debut performance on her side.

Maybe the director tried to introduce some different personalities to the Indian viewers but it was far from influencing the mainstream public. Other supporting roles in Anek like Manoj Pahwa, and Kumud Mishra gave some good shots as the so-called politicians of the locality.

Deeplina Deka, and Loitongbam Dorendra failed to make it big on the screen perhaps due to faulty screenplay. The background score was of mediocre level and anything that you can call better is the song “Oh mama”. But, there were a few scenes where the dialogues were more than impressive and in fact, drove the movie towards a higher rank.

Anek Review – Viewers Mood Check

As far as earnings are concerned, here too Anek is not able to make much of an impact, the day one earnings rough figures are 2.11 cr. One factor of lower than expected footfall could be, if given a choice to watch Ayushmann starer Anek or Karthik Aryan starer BB2, people are choosing the latter even on 2nd weekend.

One of the viewers says, too much repetition of dialogues or discourse

Another one complaints about ‘not engaging’ 

This viewer seems to be happy and suggests watching Anek 

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