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Ardh – The Bitter Reality of ‘The City of Dreams’

Ardh Review
June 10, 2022 0 Comments

Ardh – Harsh Reality of ‘The City of Dreams’

Rajpal Yadav inspires the audience in a transgender capacity alongside Bigboss 14 winner Rubina Dalaik in her debut.

Directed by Palash Mucchal, Ardh is inspiring many with its content-driven narrative that focuses on the struggles of a common man, a minor theatre artist played by Rajpal Yadav in achieving his desire of becoming a mainstream actor in the city of dreams – Mumbai.

Other nominal cast includes Hitesh Tejwani and Kulbhushan Kharbanda.

Streamed on ZEE5 on 10th June (watch here), Ardh captures the life of a theatre actor Shiva Kumar (Rajpal Yadav) who migrates to Mumbai and aspires to make a name in the tinsel town of Bollywood and the impediments he faces to get some work in Bollywood.


The director has very aptly visualized the harsh realities anyone has to face if he wants to make it to the big screen. There is nepotism, there is superficial judgment ignoring talent and focusing on looks, and much more.

Ardh also sheds light on the brutality of society where one has to put in a lot of effort to get along in life.

In the movie, Shiva takes odd jobs like working on construction sites, playing as spot boys, doing dishes, etc to make a living in the city of dream. However, he has by his side his wife Madhu (Rubina Dilaik), who is very supportive and decent.

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To pursue his dream of becoming an actor and earn bread and butter for his family, Shiva has to wear a saree and transform into a transgender Parvati who then walks on the streets and signals blessing people and getting money in lieu, playing his role with tenderness and compassion.

Parvati, unlike other transgenders, is a very pragmatic and humane person. His wife Rubina who is a working woman is very supportive since she knows her husband’s secret.

Ardh has quite a good plot since it depicts the life of a very common man and the hardships he faces, who nurtures big dreams yet is unable to fulfill them. He has by his side his wife and his friend Satya (Hitesh Tejwani).

The screenplay of the movie has disappointed the viewers though. Sometimes, the scenes feel disconnected from each other.

Rajpal Yadav has yet impressed the viewers once again with his central role and he has always managed to amuse the audience with his incredible comedy.

The movie has a couple of good songs that go by the situation shiva and his family are in.

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While talking about Rubina Dilaik, her acting was somewhat fine, though more was expected from her debut. Hitesh Tejwani also did a very reasonable job as a supportive and listening friend.

The movie can be quite a delight to watch. So don’t wait and watch it now because it’s worth it.

Viewers Mood Check

One of the viewers proclaimed about a scheme to be emotional enough. 

Another viewer rated it 5/5, a story of a common man deserves a rating!!!

This viewer valiantly expressed his views about the movie and performances. 

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