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Beast vs KGF Chapter 2: What Massive Booking Advocates?

April 13, 2022 0 Comments

Beast and KGF Chapter 2 Release Date

Nelson Dilipkumar directed Beast is all set to make a hattrick performance (after Doctor and Kolamavu Kokila) of the former when it comes to giving super hit action thrillers to the Indian cinema on the 13th of April. 

KGF Chapter 2

However, it is against a fierce competitor, a Pan Indian movie KGF Chapter 2 that is going to be released a day ahead of Beast on the 14th of April. 

KGF 2 Trailer

KGF2 is a pan-Indian film and is all set to release in Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Hindi language. 

The movie also takes pride in casting Yash and legendary Bollywood stars like Sanjay Dutt and Ravina Tandon.

Beast Trailer

While the movie Beast is getting majorly released in the Tamil language, its Hindi version under the title Raw is present there to impinge multi-starrer KGF2. A Racy Action thriller with a perfect amount of humor and heart. A perfect modern Vijay movie in every sense. 

A gripping screenplay coupled with a career-best performance by Vijay makes this a must-watch.  

 Advance Booking Comparison 

The fierce competition between the two side-by-side releases is going to make the audience confused yet amazed by the contrasting but comparable performances of the two leading men, Vijay and Yash!

Vijay Thalapathy’s starrer Beast can’t be compared to anyone else when we talk about the performance of Vijay, who is not only senior to Yash but also is matchless when we talk about his acting skills.

KGF2 actor Yash when talking to a journalist said, “It is KGF and Beast. It is not KGF vs Beast. And Vijay sir is a huge star, we should respect him.”

Talking about the publicity of the 2 movies, the KGF2 cast is surely making progressive steps towards the promotion of their movie, while Beast is not much promoted publicly as Vijay never does so for his other movies as well. 

Talking in terms of revenue, the 2 biggies, Beast and KGF 2 are making great remunerations.

Beast is expected to make a business of 60 crores on day 1 of its release. The tickets booked in the Kannada language are worth 2 lacs, those in the Hindi language are worth 33 lacs, in Telugu 4.6 crore and all-time biggest in Tamil of 26.8 crores, making a gross value of 31.35 crores.

In comparison, the revenue is greater when we see the stats of KGF2. It is expected to attain an all-time high Day 1opening record in India. 

In Tamil, the movie has managed to earn 4.2 crores for 1st-day advance booking. In Telugu 6.8 crore, in Malayalam 2.9 crore, in Kannada 10.10 crore, and in Hindi 24.60 crore.

This all makes a revenue of 48.60 crores generated by advance booking of tickets in packed cinema houses for the movie KGF2. The first-day revenue can easily cross 100 crores. 

Are you confused, about which one is watching worthy? Consider my words and watch both one after another. Only then you will get to decide which is better over the other!

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