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Darlings- Alia Bhatt the Abused One or Abuser?

August 5, 2022 0 Comments

Darlings: Alia Bhatt and Shefali Shah Steals the Show

Intricated with delicate yet strong emotions, Darlings depicts Alia Bhatt and Shefali Shah in a beautiful dark comedy as two resilient women who take revenge for their stance in the real world.

With Alia Bhatt as a debutant producer along with Gauri Khan and Gaurav Verma, Darlings is a story that depicts the agony a housewife who suffers domestic violence and how with the help of her mother overcomes it gives the taste of his own medicine to the abuser husband. 

What’s unique about the movie is that the producers have chosen a very sensitive topic of domestic abuse, yet have very effectively delivered it comically. 


The cast includes Alia Bhatt as Badrunissa and Vijay Verma as her husband who is the antagonist in the movie and in the name of love does domestic abuse. Indeed he behaved like a sociopath. To set herself free from the stigma of getting beaten up by her husband, Badrunissa along with her mother finds heaven in hell. They laugh after the worst situations and fight back. And that is what makes them ‘darlings’.

Although the storyline is a very gripping one with exciting turns and twists which will leave everyone in awe, the film yet has some flaws in it, the noir of the film is domestic but congested which makes it more like a gloomy one. Also, there are times when the storyline makes one question his morals of right and wrong. 

The acting done by the cast is fabulous. Alia Bhatt as an innocent and loving housewife has shown everyone that she can do any kind of role, like in a scene when she talks to Hamza to shift their house along with other building members and tries to persuade him in a very housewife kind of manner. And then Hamza starts abusing her by hitting her fingers with her heels. The facial expressions of Alia Bhatt make us believe that she is in real pain.

Also, Vijay has portrayed himself very well in the negative role as if he is made for the role. Also, Shefali Shah as a brave mother who seemingly takes revenge from the son-in-law for her daughter has shown a powerful performance as can be seen in a scene where Badrunissa has tied Hamza on a chair and he is hitting his head on the wall. At the same time, Badru’s mother comes and asks him to beat himself up more and more. 

So the movie is very crispy and enticing in terms of a tortuous storyline. To entertain yourself with the whole thing, watch it on Netflix now. 

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