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Forensic (2022) – Crime Suspense with a Gripping Culmination

June 29, 2022 0 Comments

Forensic: A Whodunit

Forensic is more of crime and mystery and less of forensic science has registered a blockbuster release last Friday on OTT platform Zee5.

Vikrant Massey and Radhika Apte’s suspense thriller ‘Forensic’ came out to be engaging as crime suspense with a gripping culmination. However, when compared with the original Malayalam language Forensic (released in 2020), it lags behind in terms of direction and background score.


Vikrant Massey acted brilliantly in Broken But Beautiful, Criminal Justice, and Made in Heaven and similarly, Radhika Apte was good enough in Netflix’s web series Sacred Games. Hence, fans were eagerly waiting for their project. 

The movie opens with the same plot as the original where a female investigation officer SI Megha Sharma played by Radhika Apte is set out to entangle a serial killer along with a forensic expert Johny Khanna played by Vikrant Massey in Mussoorie.

Prachi Desai has a guest appearance in the movie. Other cast included Anant Mahadevan and Rohit Roy.

The murder mystery thriller has startled the audience with the heinous act of kidnapping and killing school girls one after another on their birthdays. But sadly, as suggested by the name the movie has not much to do with forensics and that is the reason why the movie is not getting the reverence it deserved.

When we talk about the direction and screenplay, the director Vishal Furia is comparatively new so we cant expect him to be a purist and this was evident in the movie. For example, there are no footmarks of the killer left around the killings, and the killer was shown to hold the gun in their right hand at the endpoints but forensics reports revealed him to be left-handed.

From a performance point of view, while few fans are quite unfulfilled with the acting of both Radhika Apte and Vikrant Massey others are admiring them a lot. Most importantly, the chemistry between both of them is quite convincing and the music blazed it further.

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While talking about the background score, well, it was matchable with some scenes while for others it didn’t match with the plot deployment. Whereas, the two songs of the movie added extra flavor that is needed to make a movie crispy.

If you enjoy murder mysteries then this is a one-time. Do watch it once!

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