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1st Post – Introduction & Heartwarming Welcome

Hello and Welcome - My Blog
July 10, 2021 0 Comments

I have been planning and brainstorming for quite some time now to choose the topic of my first post. After a lot of deliberation, decided that an opening post should be a Personal and Professional Introduction.

Personal Introduction

I am a trustworthy, down-to-earth, jovial, happy-go-lucky, loving, and lovable guy, believe me – I don’t lie!

Gaurav Pradeep - Introduction

Native Place – Kurukshetra

I belong to the holy city of Kurukshetra, India. Yes, you got it right – The land of the Epic battle of Mahabharata, the birthplace of Hindu scripture Bhagwad Gita.


The place where Lord Krishna sermoned Gita & enlightened Arjuna by preaching about the way to live an entire spiritual life.

My Philosophy 

Life is not a straight line, there are crests and troughs in everyone’s life and this is the universal truth. To deal with a tough time, humans have been equipped with patience and perseverance. What matters in life is internal bliss, if you know how to be calm in troubled waters, you can overcome any hurdle in life. 

Professional Introduction


I did my Bachelors in Computers in 2001, and in 2004 completed the Masters in Computers from one of the oldest and best universities of India i.e. Kurukshetra University. Thereafter, I started my career as Software Engineer in 2005 from Gurugram – the cyber city & the IT hub of India.

My first visit to Gurgaon – The city of Malls

Back in 2005, it was not the Gurugram that we see today. It was an upcoming town with a few high-rise buildings and a couple of malls. Belonging from a small city the pomp and show of the city attracted me so much so that I decided, if I have to move out of my native place somewhere – the city has to be Gurugram.

The Corporate Journey 

I have depicted my journey on a timeline. Each of the milestones that I have achieved is shown with a picture or destination that I will cherish my whole life.

Career Timeline - Gaurav Pradeep

Working at Fidelity Investments

I got the opportunity to work with Fidelity Investments in 2005 at Gurugram as Software Engineer. The break came to me as a breath of fresh air. 

The company is very well appreciated throughout the world for its considerate, virtuous, and employee-friendly policies.

I swear – they do care for their employees.

While working for fidelity, had a chance to work in the UK. I must say that the overseas experience and exposure I got were unparalleled and priceless.

During my tenure there, I was working for JP Morgan Chase as a client and always aspired to join the dream organization. The dream got realized in 2009.

Other Organizations 

Subsequently, in 2010 joined IBM, China. In China, I was based out in Shenzhen which is one of the developing IT towns of China and a hardware hub. It is in close proximity to Hong Kong.

From 2011 -2014, I worked with Computer Science Corporation as Project Lead, managing projects, and resources.

Earning PMP Certification 

I am blessed and lucky to have achieved greater heights in my career but my most fulfilling achievement was obtaining the PMI’s Project Management Professional certification in 2014.

PMI PMP certification Acclaim

After serving almost 11 years with corporates, I am self-employed now helping clients manage their projects.

You must be thinking – After working so hard with the world’s best corporates – why self-employed now!!?

Destiny my friend destiny – my professional career was a beautiful dream and as you have to wake up, the dream has to end.

Like everyone, life is not a straight line for me as well and I too have my share of ups and downs. I am managing those nowadays.

I leave you with a thought-provoking painting by Edwin Landseer.

“Man Proposes God Disposes”

Man Proposes God Disposes

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