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Heropanti 2 – Reviews

Heropanti 2 Review
April 29, 2022 0 Comments

Heropanti 2 Review

Heropanti 2 is a sequel to Tiger Shroff’s debut film Heropanti (watch the full movie) was released in May 2014, it was directed by Sabir Khan and Kriti Sanon also made her debut with this film. 

Heropanti 2, directed by Ahmed Khan, starring Tiger Shroff as Bablu alongside, Tara Sutaria as Innaya, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Laila in the lead role. Kriti Sanon sister Nupur Sanon has made debut in the movie. 

Heropanti 2 is all about a guy who somewhat mimics the role of Robin Hood helping the people at night. Tiger Shroff aka Bablu “an ace hacker” who is on the mission to save the world: superhero sets to work at night!

The storyline with a plot different from Bollywood’s traditional style seemingly copies Hollywood’s tradition of superhero movies.

The movie is about a guy who sets out to help people at night. He is there to uphold the virtues of the universe when it is dark at night. Be it to save someone from a robbery or from kidnapping, he reaches the point of action and saves others like a hero with some obvious skills.

Eventually, the Indian government finds out about his unique and different approach to saving the country from bad beings and decides they send him on a mission to Russia.

The great guy with all the confidence and esteem sets on the journey to kill Russian troops but things would then turn wrong and he would be confused with a leader rather than the killer of those Russian troops. There is a twist in the story afterward. One has to watch the movie to enjoy the twisted plot.

The movie has not been able to get a good on IMDb, it is rated 4.2/10. Most probably the audience hasn’t found something catchy in terms of storyline.

While talking about some action stuff, Tiger Shroff has done a very impactful job. The thrillers and stunts required by the plot are performed very aptly and they even go with Tiger’s body. He is strong, muscular, agile and a martial artist, and one can witness this in all the action sequences he performed in the movie.

On the other hand, Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays Laila, a magician-cum-joker-cum-criminal mastermind, he played a pivotal role in the film and has done justice to the unpredictable and quirky character. 

 Heropanti 2

But talking about Tara Sutaria’s acting, fans aren’t much pleased by her performance, even one said that she has just got beauty but no acting skills. However, Tara & Tiger make a stylish couple together.

Public Mood Check

The movie was released along with Ajay and Amitabh starer Runway34. Suniel Shetty tweeted and called it “A cool #ClashOfTheTitans”, he recollected the time “when #Gadar & #Lagaan clashed & yet became blockbusters”

Viewers are excitingly sharing and comparing the earnings of newly released Heropanti2 and Runway34 with KGF2. The Yash starer KGF2 is clearly a winner even after 2 weeks of release (14 April 2022).

Viewers particularly do not seem to be happy about the direction of the Heropanti2, one of the viewers wrote, “It’s a big shame if we call Ahmed Khan a director”

Another viewer who got free tickets also shared similar views that “he survived 12-13 grenades”, this itself points towards the weak direction, the director failed to convince the audience of schemes.

Well, these are all opinions from different perspectives. If you want to do a reality check, you must visit the nearest theaters and watch Heropanti 2.

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