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Italy Wins EURO’2020 Championship By Beating England

Italy, EURO'2020 Champion
July 12, 2021 0 Comments

Italy Wins EURO’2020

Italy Wins EURO’2020 Championship beat England in a penalty shootout. Italy won the Euro’2020 cup against England at Wembley Stadium, London.

England’s Luke Shaw scored the first goal at 1-minute in the 57th second, which is a record in the EURO cup. Later, in the 67th minute, Leonardo Bonucci scored an equalizer for Italy. After the extra time, the score was leveled at 1-1. However, Italy scored 3 but England managed to score 2 penalty shootouts and that led to Italy’s win of the EURO cup by 3-2. 

Italy reached the finals twice in the years 2000 and 2012 but could not win. This is the second-ever European Title win for Italy that has come at Wembley Stadium, London after 53 years.

It is noteworthy that the team England has been a contender to be victorious in Euro World Cup since 1966 but, couldn’t make up for its desire.

Italy proved to be better & superior to all the teams in the entire tournament. Before the finale, Italy had mercilessly defeated the favorites Belgium, Spain, and England.

Italy had 66 percent possession and 630 completed passes while England had managed up to 255.

After the win, Italians dispersed like pollens into the streets from Milan to Palermo to celebrate their victory without caring for spreading the Covid-19 pandemic which clutched the entire Italy last year.

To encourage the team England Prince William on Sunday released a video message to wish its English team good luck for the Euro 2020 finale.

Italy wins EURO'2020

Still, team England couldn’t stand up to William’s zeal. Anyhow, the entire victory belonged to the Italians, so far.

The winner of the EURO 2020 tournament is awarded €34 million, whereas the runner-up made a merry of €3.025 million.

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