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Jayeshbhai Jordaar – A Noteworthy Pursuit to Culminate Female Foeticide

jayeshbhai jordaar
May 16, 2022 0 Comments

Jayeshbhai Jordaar 

Jayeshbhai Jordaar aka Ranveer Singh finally decides to end foeticide by escalating from the egoistic culture laid by ancestors!

Directed by Divyan Thakur, the film story is somewhat a conventional concept but a prominent social concern in India where foeticide of a girl child is a common practice in order to preserve the egoistic relish of male dominating horrible chauvinists, and that eventually leads to the desire of the male child.

jayeshbhai jordaar

As per data available publically, In India, these Indian states have a low male to female ratio. For every 1000 males, the females in Goa are 774, Haryana is 893, Himachal Pradesh is 875, Tamil Nadu is 878, and Telangana is 894.

The story of the movie revolves around Jayesh Bhai played by Ranveer Singh and his wife Mruda played by Shalini Pandey. They both are in the pursuit to save their unborn female child from the hierarchical dilemma of their typical ancestral society, where a boy is considered an impresa of pride and a girl nothing but shame and humiliation.

Other nominal casts in the movie include Boman Irani as Jayesh’s Father and Ratna Phatak as his mother.

The storyline is good as it is highlighting a very important aspect of society similar to other social issues nowadays in Bollywood like the movie on surrogacy, Mimi. But the idea of aborticide is somewhat conventional and worn out. While talking about direction, the movie just did ok in performance.

There were many flaws in the screenplay. The story was somewhat engaging at the beginning as it contained some jokes but failed to please the audience in the latter half as it was outdated.

While talking about the performances, Ranvir Singh’s acting could be called ‘making sense a bit’ at least, but not throughout as he could be seen overreacting sometimes. Nevertheless, he could overact a few times, as he was playing for women’s empowerment.

Boman Irani as Sarpanch Ramlal was flawless throughout the movie and we don’t even expect less than this from him. While talking about Shalini Pandey, since she is a newcomer, she did justice to and indeed very well with her role of a woman who is so weak and powerless.

The girl child Siddhi (Jia Vaidya) was a power pack performer and was in fact a treat to the senses, after all, the whole movie wasn’t enough to please the audience as was promised in the trailers.

The music of the movie JJ sounds interesting and a couple of songs do give a little bit of kick. 

Viewers Mood Check

As always we are here with a public mood check, few are praising the acting skills of the cast, whereas few are critical about the idea of female foeticide, monotonous script, dialogues, and weak direction.

One of the viewers considered it as 10/10 on every attribute.

The success criteria of any movie nowadays are its box-office collections, here the film seems to be lagging behind.

Another viewer expressed anger and considered SSR’s sad demise as the reason behind the flopping of recent Bollywood movies. This is one viewpoint that can’t be ignored completely, especially when the craze for Tolly movies is rising and there seem to be some paradigm shift happening.

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