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Jersey Review – Shahid’s Impeccable Emotional 6’ER

Jersey Review
April 22, 2022 0 Comments

Jersey Release Date

Shahid Kapoor’s Jersey hits the theaters today (22nd April 2022).  It is a story of a struggling cricketer who is a hero for his son and wants to fulfill his aspirations by joining the Indian cricket team.

The film showcases the conviction of a father to succeed against all odds for his son.

Jersey Trailer

Directed by Gowtam Tinnanuri, Jersey has blazed the fire with remarkable performance on the part of Shahid Kapoor who never disappoints his fans with his powerful acting skills and determination towards acting as if no one can excel him!

After Kabir Singh, Jersey is the 2nd movie of Shahid Kapoor which is a remake of a Telugu film. In Jersey, a significant cast other than Shahid Kapoor includes Mrunal Thakur and Pankaj Kapoor.

Jersey Review

Shahid gives an impeccable performance in the father-son sports emotional drama Jersey, a remake of a Telugu film Jersey starring Nani.

The film is a sports (cricket) based drama where Shahid can be seen acting as a former cricketer, Arjun Talwar. Arjun flees from the dressing room just because he doesn’t feel connected anymore to his professional role and comes back to his career at the ripe age of 36 just to make himself worthwhile in front of his wife, Vidhya who is played by Mrunal Thakur and his son Kittu played by Ronit Kamra.


The film is full of emotions and drama where Shahid Kapor can be seen playing a victim. A victim not to anyone else but to the desire of his son, who wants to see his father in action without knowing how deleterious it could be to his father’s emotional and physical well-being. 

Although he was at the peak of his career when he left cricket, yet, he had to face the odds of being aged and not easily making a comeback to the Indian cricket team as desired by his son. 

There is a struggle, toil, and determination that can be seen on part of Shahid Kapoor to make the role of Arjun look so genuine and real. 

The role of Vidhya played by Mrunal is kind of a demanding wife who is loving and caring but still has fears, confusion, and hopes related to her husband just as a typical housewife has. The role can be more aptly called a realistic one.

Another significant character in the movie is the Assistant coach played by Pankaj Kapoor. Audiences can witness true performance in terms of acting as the father and son duo share the screen in different roles together compared to real life. 

Both share friendly relations though in the movie as well. Father-son bonding can be seen while shooting as well.  

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With 174 minutes of run time, the movie has managed to bag a very fine IMDb. All of this is because of a very heart-touching and genuine storyline. There can be seen a fine direction when it comes to performing on the pitch and the transformation of the lead characters Shahid and Mrunal over time is done in a bona fide way.

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If you’re looking for some really inspiring and emotional sports drama to watch with eye entertaining performances, then this movie is a must to watch. 

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