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Maestro And Helmet – A Peep Through of 2 Movies

September 18, 2021 0 Comments

Maestro Movie

Maestro, directed by Merlapaka Gandhi is the Telugu remake of the 2018 Hindi comedy crime thriller film Andhadhun, starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Tabu, it was co-written and directed by Sriram Raghavan.

Maestro was released on September 17, on Disney+Hotstar.


The Cast of Maestro

The main cast of the movie is Tamannaah Bhatia, Nithiin, Harshavardhan, and Sree Mukhi. Other V.K. Naresh, Nabha Natesh, Racha Ravi, Srinivasa Reddy, Mangli Satyavathi, and Jisshu Sengupta.

The Plot of Maestro

The plot of the movie revolves around Maestro, a set located in Goa where Arun (Nithiin), the protagonist tries hard to play music by paying great attention and pretends to be blind to keep away from interruptions.

Arun a pianist plays piano at Sophie (Nabha Natesh) father Pedro’s (Balakrishna) restaurants to earn and save money so as to settle in abroad.

At the restaurant, he meets the aging superstar Mohan (Naresh) who gets impressed by his musical skills and asks him to play the piano at his residence on the occasion of his marriage anniversary.

At the residence, he witnesses the murder of Mohan by his young wife Simran (Tamannaah Bhatia) and police inspector Bobby (Jisshu Sengupta).

Arun goes to the police station to report the murder and he gets entangled in multiple life-threatening situations. The problems start for Arun when Simran and Bobby come to know that Arun isn’t blind and has seen everything thus, she drugs him and makes him blind.

A series of events lands Arun in an organ harvesting clinic with Dr. Swamy (Harshavardhan). assistant Murali and his sister. They spare Arun when he promised to make them millionaires.

Arun somehow manages to come out of the complicated scenarios and meets Sophie again after 2 years, tells the whole story, to Sophie but unfortunately, they both go their own life paths.

The movie leaves one of the important questions unanswered.. whether Arun can see?

Maestro Reviews

The Award-winning Andhadhun is a better choice any day but someone looking for a regional remake of the award-winning Hindi movie can surely watch it but the original has dark comedy elements that lack in Maestro. 

Moreover, Andhadhun star cast Ayushman and Tabu acted a little better than Nithin and Tamanaha. 

Helmet Movie

Helmet a comedy-drama is a Bollywood movie that was premiered on the 3rd of September, 2021. The movie touches upon the topic of condom use that is considered embarrassing for most people in India.

Producing a movie based on a sensitive subject, comically isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But when it comes to the director Satram Ramani & producer Dino Morea, the successful production of “Helmet”, is indeed the glaring example of fine art and the artist.

Before jumping into the storyline, let’s have a glance at the main star cast of the movie.

Helmet Star Cast

The movie featured Aparshakti Khurana as Lucky Singh, Pranutan Bahl as Rupali, Abhishek Banerjee as Sultan, Ashish Vermaas as Minus, Anurita Jha as Rani, and Ashish Vidyarthi as Jogi.

The Plot of Helmet

Helmet’s story revolves around Lucky & Rupali; both are the protagonists and the lovers. There is a bit of glitch in the Luck-Ru love story and that is Rupali’s dad being a rich man wants his daughter to marry a rich Harvard graduate.
On the other hand, the financial status of Rupali’s true love Lucky shows that he’s below par.

Lucky in quest of raising his standards decided to loot a truck containing electronic appliances with his pals and when they did so, unfortunately, they finds out that the jewels within the truck were no more electronic gadgets but oh! it’s condoms.

In such a crucial situation, when Lucky could lose his lady love, Rupali, he decides to take advantage of the jewels his destiny gifted him by setting his own company with the name “Helmet” where he starts selling those condoms openly to medically stores and the public.

Now the most appreciative element within the entire story is that it highlighted & handled some beyond the pale issues like population growth & unprotected sex in a protected yet witty & humorous manner, with multiple laugh-out-loud moments.

Helmet Reviews

The helmet is a comedy-drama, it successfully conveys and humorously conveys the message that condom is still considered taboo in society and the movie tries to break the barriers in its own quirky way. 

Aparshakti Khurrana impresses as a lead with his comic sense and timing. Abhishek Banerjee and Ashish Verma as friends offer good comedy punches too. Pranutan Bahl convincingly portrays a caring and supportive girlfriend. 

In-country like India where people still feel awkward talking about condoms, spreading awareness through movies like “Helmet”, without any doubt is a bold move and needs to be appreciated. Hats off Helmet! 

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