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Phuket Sandbox- Thailand’s Tourism Experiment

Phuket Sandbox- Thailand’s Popular Resort Phuket Tourism Experiment
July 1, 2021 0 Comments

Phuket Sandbox- Thailand’s Popular Resort Phuket Tourism Experiment initiated today. The popular resort island of Phuket in Thailand has test opened for international tourists after a halt of a year due to COVID-19. It is reported that tourists no longer need to undergo quarantine if they have been fully vaccinated and tested COVID-19 negative.

They can bypass the 14-day quarantine requirement and can scot free within Phuket and enjoy their holidays. It is expected that more than 200 tourists may visit Phuket from different countries.

Phuket the Pearl of the Andaman Sea is the first province in Thailand that has opened to welcome international tourists without the quarantine requirements. The tourism model experiment is termed Phuket Sandbox, that is designed and planned to support already struggling tourism based economy.

Phuket Tourist Association president Bhummikitti Ruktaengam said that “If the tourists wish to visit the other parts of Thailand then they have to spend 14 days in Phuket and take three COVID tests before travelling to the mainland.

He also added that those who got the COVID test done on arrival will have to wain at the hotel room till the results are out negative, thereafter they are free to go to the rest of Thailand.

With this reopening, the number of tourists is expected to increase gradually as they will be safe and convenient during this quarantine-free travel to the southern island.

According to foreign ministry spokesperson Tanee Sangrat, Thailand currently welcomes tourists from 66 countries and territories to Phuket under this new tourism model. This model also welcomes domestic travellers who have recovered from COVID-19 and be able to present the medical certificate to prove it.

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