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Runway 34 Review & Public Mood Check

Runway 34 Review
April 30, 2022 0 Comments

Runway 34 Review

The movie was released today (29th April 2022) and as hyped it has rated good all over the internet. Ajay Devgn posted a picture on his Twitter account showing how the movie has been rated all over.

Ajay Devgn and Amitabh Bachchan together on the screen have left the audience awestruck with their nailing performance in Runway34!

Directed by Ajay Devgn himself,  Runway34 has surely managed to thrill the audience with its true incidents-based storyline and fast-paced screenplay.

Other than Ajay Devgn and Amitabh Bachchan, the supporting cast Rakul Preet Singh and Boman Irani have also left no stone unturned to keep the audience engaged in the 2h 25 m thriller drama.

The story of Runway34 revolves around the pilot Vikrant Khanna (played by Ajay Devgn), who has committed a mistake during the course of his Skyline Jet international flight. The movie is claimed to be based on true events.

The incident happened on “August 18, 2015, the two pilots of Jet Airways, Flight 9W-555 on a Boeing 737-800, had the biggest tests of their lives when their flight from Doha, the capital of Qatar, to Kochi in Kerala didn’t turn out to be the way they wanted them to be.”

Then there is Amitabh Bachchan as Narayan Vedant, who is inquisitive about the incident and can be seen quite vigilant with his duty. Rakul Preet Singh as Captain Tanya Alboquer acts as a co-pilot of Ajay. There is drama in the film, as well as thrill and suspense.

Runway 34 Review

The first half of the movie showcases the mid-air crisis, the turbulence schemes look extremely convincing indeed causing goosebumps whereas the second half is about investigating whether any miss in SOP caused the mid-air crisis followed by courtroom proceedings led by Narayan Vedant.

Talking about the acting, Ajay Devgn and Amit Gee, both have done outclass and superb performances. It’s a true Aviation based film as seen from the gripping VFX, technical special effects, and unequivocal acting of Ajay.

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True fear can be sensed in the actions of both Ajay and Rakul when the air incident took place. Also, Boman Irani in the second half has done great as a mean and clever boss. All credit goes to Ajay for his above-par acting and excellent technical direction.

And as always Amitabh Bachchan is as convincing as a lawyer as he was in Pink, Badla, and Chehre.

Public Mood Check

The people coming out of the cinema too felt the Charisma of Ajay’s eyes and Amitabh’s voice.

On social media, Heropanti 2 vs Runway 34 is trending and people are of the view that Heropanti 2 had a much bigger viewership i.e. those who like pure action mania, than Runway 34. Whereas runway has more viewers when fan following of Ajay, Amitabh, and Rakul are tracked.

In short, the movie has got a lot more to see and explore if you want to refresh your minds with something unique this time. To boost your brain just go grab the tickets of the nearest cinema houses and watch Runway34 today!

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