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Fun-filled Punjabi Comedy-drama “Saunkan Saunkane”

Saukan Saukne
May 11, 2022 0 Comments

Fun-filled Punjabi Comedy-drama “Saunkan Saunkane”

When sisters become saunkans/sautans, life becomes humorously messy. Watch Ammy Virk sandwiched between 2 sisters in the comic and fun-filled Punjabi comedy-drama “Saunkan Saunkane”

Amarjit Singh Saron directed Punjabi movie “Saunkan Saunkane” is all set to release on May 13 all across India.

Saukan Saukane

The star cast includes Sargun Mehta and Nimrat Khaira as the two sisters cum Sautans in the movie who are seen opposite Ammy Virk who is a farmer and an only child to his Punjabi mom living in a village in Punjab.

The plot of the story is that of a comedy-filled drama with a little bit of romance as well!

Saunkan Saunkane Trailer

It can be seen in the trailers that the couple Amy Virk and Sargun Mehta visited a doctor who informed them that they have very little chance of pregnancy even after 6 years of marriage.

The wife (Sargun), then asks her husband to marry her younger sister. In the desire for a child, the husband (Ammy) agrees to marry her wife’s sister (Nimrat).

The story then revolves around the three when there would be petty disputes among the saunkans”, and the husband tries to resolve them.

Craziness can be seen in the trailer when on the wedding night of the husband with the 2nd wife, the 1st wife would comes to their room asking to sleep on their bed. And in the morning the mother intuitively asks, where are two sisters and they are both found sleeping on the same bed.

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Though they are sisters yet they are seen competing for the common husband, also it can’t be possible for them to not compete, as they are saunkans now.

The trailer of the movie shows much more like the biased Punjabi mother, who does nothing but always favors her son. The innocent Sardar is trapped between the two wives, all for a child. And one can guess much more comedy from the upcoming movie, Saunkan Saunkane.

While doing the promotion of the movie the protagonist Nimrat Khera posted a video where both Nimrat and Sargun were seen imitating the song Saunkan Saunkane and Nitpicking each other.

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So don’t wait and tighten your belts to watch the upcoming movie on 13th May in the nearest cinema houses.

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