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Sikkim Geared up to Welcome Fully Vaccinated Tourists

Sikkim Geared up to Welcome Fully Vaccinated Tourists
July 6, 2021 0 Comments

The state government of Sikkim lifts the temporary ban on entry and is geared up to welcome fully vaccinated tourists from other parts of the country. The decision was taken in the wake of a dip in fresh covid 19 cases. The relaxation would be applicable till 12th July 2021.

The state government’s notification clarified that fully vaccinated tourists can visit the Himalayan state through Rangpa in East Sikkim and Melli in South Sikkim after submitting their vaccination certificate and negative RT-PCR report (conducted within 72 hours of arrival) at the border check gates.

The hotels and guest houses are permitted to operate at 50% capacity strictly following COVID-19 protocol. “The Sikkim Hotel and Restaurant Association (SHRA) welcomes the state government’s decision to open the tourism industry, which is the mainstay of Sikkim’s economy. We will ensure strict adherence to COVID guidelines,” an executive member of the body told PTI.

Due to COID-19 lockdown, the tourism industry that is the mainstay of the Sikkim economy bore a huge loss of 610 crores Rupees. The initiative taken by the state government would support the economy and already struggling tourism industry of Sikkim

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