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Sunny, Malayalam and Love Story, Telugu Movies

Sunny Movie - Malyalam
September 25, 2021 0 Comments

Sunny – A Malayalam Musical drama

Sunny, a new Malayalam movie is a musical drama directed by Ranjith Sankar. It was released on September 23rd, 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. The period of the movie is 94 minutes.

Sunny Star Cast

The entire cast of the movie comprises Jayasurya as Sunny, Shivada Nair as Nimmi, Mamta Mohandas as Dr. Anuradha, Vijay Babu as Advocate Paul, Vijayaraghavan as SI Sadashivan Nair, Siddique as Jacob, Innocent as Dr. Eerali, Aju Varghese as Kozhi Rajesh, and Shritha Sivadas as Adithi.

Sunny Storyline

Jayasurya (producer) and the protagonist play Sunny in his 100th movie. The story revolves around Sunny who is a failed musician and a businessman.

He lands from Dubai to Kerala during the pandemic (Covid-19) lockdown in India and he must quarantined for two weeks, his life has perplexing circumstances, on one hand, his pregnant wife filed for divorce during the difficult times, on the other hand, he owes money to his business partner.

Pandemic and quarantine to are taking a toll on his mental health, as a result, Sunny becomes an alcohol addict.

In short, destiny proved to be extremely ill to him as he had to lick the dust in his personal as well as professional life. Kozhi, an intimate friend of Sunny as well as Nimmy proved to be Sunny’s only support during such gloomy times proving that true friends always stand by you no matter how much the situation could get worse.

One important message given by the movie is that friends are like an eye-catching twinkle of a million glowworms in a pitched dark tunnel, or like rainfall on a parched land; a flicker of intelligence in a paralyzed brain; landing of sunlight on a frozen rooftop.

The main focus in the movie is on Sunny’s quarantine life; how he finds the rays hope to lead him back to his life. All this happens with the help of a very well reputed doctor named Eerali.

Here we get an important message that when you are in trouble, ask for help. Most of us don’t ask for it ignoring the fact that life goes on with giving and taking.

Also, Sunny discusses some issues of quarantine life which indeed all of us have faced or those who are still in quarantine are facing. Through alcohol addiction, the movie tries to reflect the poor consequences of alcoholism.
Along with this, it also tells the viewers that no matter how much worst a habit is, it can be left behind through constant efforts, steel self-confidence, and dynamic motivation.

Sunny Ratings

I would rate this movie 9/10 as it talks of most of the common issues faced during pandemics and one of them is pandemic burnout. The movie is an experimental and bold take on a socially relevant subject.

I would not give 10/10 ‘coz of the repetition of some depressive scenes in some or the other way.

The movie has a short runtime of 94 minutes that keeps it engaging throughout.

Love Story Telugu Movie

Love Story is a Telugu romantic drama written and directed by Sekhar Kammula and produced by Amigos Creations in collaboration with Sree Venkateswara Cinemas. The movie duration of the movie is 2h 37m.

Love Story Star Cast

The cast of the movie includes Naga Chaitanya as Revanth, Sai Pallavi as Mounika, Devayani as Mounika’s mother, Rao Ramesh, Posani Krishna Murali, Rajeev Kanakala, Easwari Rao as Revanth’s mother, Satyam Rajesh, Thagubothu Ramesh & Uttej.

Love Story Songs

Songs within the movie include; Ay Pilla, Nee Chitram Choosi, Saranga Dariya, Evo Evo Kalale, and Winner Winner Bro.

Love Story Storyline

The storyline of the movie revolves around Revanth, the protagonist, who is a guy from a lower caste village boy whose mother’s good upbringing gave him a sense of hard work and independence. He went to Hyderabad city for doing his own business.

On the other hand, Mounika is the heroine in the movie who is from the same village but belongs to the upper caste. She has done with her B. Tech studies and trying to find a job. In doing so, she has to face a lot of rejections from various companies.

To prove herself to her family, she decides to go to Hyderabad. In Hyderabad, she meets Revanth, and both plan to open a Zumba center, for this they had to manage the finances, and therefore Mounika sell her Jewellery. During the whole drama, their love story begins.

The first half of the movie is usually about fun & chemistry whereas, the second half imparts an entirely darker mode.

Love Story The Reviews

The movie speaks about caste-based discrimination that how this thing still exists in Indian society and how it is affecting people in many ways. Also, this movie gives a lesson that hard work always pays off just as happened with Revanth who successfully opened a Zumba center.

Sai Pallavi’s dance performance is a great watch, whereas Naga Chaitanya too impresses with his acting skills. The dialogues, screenplay, and love scenes are coherent. Last but not the least, in the end, love finds love is also shown in the movie.

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