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Thar Released on Netflix – Reviews

May 6, 2022 0 Comments

Thar – An Intense Thriller

“Thar” movie has released today (6th May) on the OTT platform Netflix with father Anil Kapoor and son Harsh Vardhan Kapoor duo acting opposite each other in the crime thriller. Fatima Sana Sheikh joins as a lead and other supporting roles are performed by Jitendra Joshi, Akshay Oberoi, Satish Kaushik, and Mukti Mohan.

The movie has a playtime of 108 minutes and is streamed in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and English.

Thar is directed by Raj Singh Chaudhary and produced by Anil Kapoor Film Company (AKFC) & Harsh Vardhan Kapoor, which marks his debut as a producer.


Not only is the director new but the cast is also a bit fresh. They have come up with some fresh and unique plots for Thar, different from the conformist stories of Bollywood which are usually slow-paced and are rather boring.

The film is set in Western Noir and as the name suggests, the mysterious thriller Thar is set in Rajasthan. The rugged landscape of the desert village gives an iconic sense of rough actioner.

The trailer of Thar with excellent cinematography and high-end suspense is surely giving us hints that the movie is going to be superb in terms of acting, direction, storyline, and most important visuals.

Harsh Vardhan Kapoor will be seen spreading magic on the screen depicting himself as an antique dealer Sidharth, who has come from afar land to set up business in Thar.

Whereas, Anil Kapoor will be seen as a cop, Surekha Singh investigating the mysterious murder that have shaken the desert area with cataclysmic events occurring one after another.

The role of Fatima Sana Sheikh seems to be an essential one. A glimpse of her gives a sense as if she is an innocent and ritualistic village lady who is paired up with Harsh Vardhan but maybe she has something implausible and weird.

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The role of Satish Kaushik is that of an Assistant cop, who would certainly gather important clues along with Surekha Singh (Anil Kapoor) to come up with a conclusion in finding the real culprit.

So why are you sitting still, go and log in to your Netflix with a bowl of popcorn to enjoy the thriller?

Anupam Kher Reviews of Thar

Anupam Kher that was invited for the screening of Thar reviewed the movie and calls it an “Excellent” film.

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People Mood Check

The initial reviews seem to suggest that people are liking the movie, however, these are just a few hours into the release. We will continue to track during the weekend to get a more in-depth check.

The contemporary dancer Mukti Mohan vouched in favor of Thar and suggested people surely watch ‘Thar’.

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